VEGOMATIC was officially born in 2000, a year marked by the release of the Maxi-CD “Uluwatu“. Drawing its inspiration from surf music, 80s electro, 60s and 70s rock and pop music, the band has shaped its style since 1998.



Theme for Continuous Connection

Album – 30 titles CD

Music for the  International Competition DESIGN 21 organised by UNESCO. Design Exhibition in NYC and Paris.


The Surfin' Robots - Cowabungiga!

Concept album – 11 titles CD

Year 2363. After a chemical war, only machines remain. Somewhere in the south west, electrosurf music, analog sounds, maximum reverb and giga waves are vibing strong. Share the adventures of two rusted robots rediscovering the surf way of life…

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Music Video

Music Videos

Ça c'est d'la musique !

TV pilot (in french).
Original idea by Thierry & Eric Los. Directed by Jérôme Lichtlé.

In 2005 Vegomatic was contacted by a big French production company to reflect on a musical program concept. The band proposed an idea between fiction and music news. Here is the 13 minutes pilot which had unfortunately not been followed up.


TV Pilot

Auto Stop

Concept album – 25 titles on 5 CDs

AUTO STOP season 1 (2011-2012) is a one minute short films web series directed by Thierry Los and Séverine L. Music by Thierry Los and VEGOMATIC.

AUTO STOP season 2 (2014). Directed by Thierry Los. All hitchhikers performed by Delphine Grandsart, each one symbolically representing the angels and demons of the driver played by Thierry Los. Music by Thierry Los and VEGOMATIC.

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Music Videos

Auto Stop The Movie

A short film written and directed by Thierry Los (2013).
Music composed and performed by Thierry Los and VEGOMATIC.

Original Soundtrack :


Concept album – 16 titles CD + DVD
A folk surf musical road movie on CD/DVD.

Freshly separated from the mother of his child, a man drives his 1973 Volkswagen Camper van which he now calls his home. As a form of therapy, besides calling on some musician friends he plays music with, he also meets new people who help him deal with his family situation and come to grips with the sources of his pain. Travelling mostly on artistically-rendered scenic byways of France, he is on a personal quest for revelation.



Digital EPs

VEGOMATIC Goes to the Beach

Digital album – 11 titles

The acoustic experience of VEGOMATIC Trip gave us the desire to officially release the tapes of an acoustic session of June 2004, 12 years after their recordings. The band used to play these titles during its live acoustic performances. The album includes two new instrumental titles recorded in 2015 as well as an unreleased track.

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TV Doc (french)

The Surfin' Robots - Forbidden Beach

A short movie directed by Thierry Los.
A 3JT FILMS Production starring THE SURFIN’ ROBOTS.

Somewhat philosophers, two surfer robots are waiting for the waves. But they are not the only ones…


Best Short Movie – International Surf Film Festival
Anglet 2016


Original Soundtrack :

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