• MON TRAVAIL /Narrateur
  • STUDIO /Spoken Adventures
  • ANNÉE /2019

Quelques mots

Voice acting.

Spoken Adventures produces and publishes interactive audio stories told by actors and illustrated with background music and sound effects. Based on the the principle of the gamebooks, the listener is at the heart of the adventure by interacting only with his voice. App available on App Store andGoogle Play.

“At the age of 11 I discovered the gaembooks. It was a very first step in a world that would become one of my greatest passions: the roleplaying games. Game Master since then, I have developed a true love for storytelling and narration. So it was with great excitement that I agreed to play the role of narrator when a long time friend, who had just created Spoken Adventures and the brilliant concept of interactive audio book, offered me to be the narrator of one of the first stories in their catalog : Les Traqueurs de l’Au-delà, a gripping thriller written by Vincent Hauuy. More stories are coming…”

You are Franck Truman, a former police officer who has become an animator and youtuber specialized in paranormal phenomena. You join your film crew left two days in advance to investigate a supposedly haunted cabin, you end up by yourself with no news from your friends…

6-episode series available on App Store and Google Play
Text : Vincent Hauuy
Music and Sound Design : Fanny Belhadjar
Narration : Eric Los