In the early 90’s, I put an end to my History and Literature studies at the University of Sorbonne to devote myself to music with the band Dodge Veg-o-matic, a trio from Paris France formed with my brother Thierry Los and the bass player Muriel Illouz. I am the drummer. We realize an album which draws attention and tour all over France, spreading an “urban folk-rock” from the stage of the New Morning in Paris as an opening act for Jonathan Richman, to the Eurockéennes Festival of Belfort 95, featured among artists like Supergrass and Jeff Buckley.

At the same time, I actively participate in role-playing games, including “live” sessions. As the game master, I compose the musical atmospheres which accompany these long hours spent in parallel worlds. Then I decide to take a tight bend and embark on music for video games, a new musical ground that allows me to satisfy my voracious imagination !

2004, back to Rock’n’Roll. I reintegrate VEGOMATIC as the bass player and co-composer, with my brother Thierry, the drummer Gerard and the enigmatic and beautiful Macha. We go Electro Surf ! We make albums, video clips, and appear in concert in France and abroad.

Over the following years, we keep on creating music and films. We also produce lots of talented friends and artists with Trois Jeunes Tambours, our independent label.


Meanwhile, I continue with music for games and other inspiring worlds, among which folktales, playing lute guitar and percussion as a troubadour alongside Selenys, my beloved storyteller. Together we create Le Manoir aux Histoires, a company dedicated to live shows, music, songs and illustrated books with the aim of reviving the old stories and legends the elders used to tell by the fireplace.

We are currently working on several projects highlighting these themes…